Each January we hold a club awards banquet and recognize members of our running and triathlon community.    

PREDICT SERIES AWARDS:  each month we hold a Predict race that is free for members and visitors.  Each participant writes their predicted time for the event, no watches or music are allowed on the course to help aid your finish time.  Those that best predict their finish time get the most points.  Starting in 2017, ONLY current members will earn points for the race that day. All points are tallied through the year and the top three points collectors win prizes.  Anyone that participates in at least six predict races also earns the annual Predict shirt at no charge.  

VOLUNTEER HOURS:  dedicated club volunteers earning at least 50 volunteer points during the year are recognized each year at the banquet and given a gift.  Volunteers earn 5 points for each meeting or newsletter stuffing attended, 50 points for serving as a Race Director for an SCR race.  

FIRST TIMERS:  we like to recognize and celebrate all our members that try new events, distances or qualify for Holy Grail type races like the Boston Marathon or Kona Ironman.  Please submit first time accomplishments for yourself, friends or family online here!

Nominations for the following awards are taken each October-November for these awards for a committee of seven volunteers (contact Marilyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to volunteer for this committee) to evaluate the nominations and vote in December.  Submit your nominations for these awards online here.

  1. Dirty Sweat Sock: hard working volunteer making sure club activities and events stay on track, go off without a hitch.  Often an unsung hero behind the scenes.   Past recipients:  2001 Cynthia Dreiling, 2002 Don & Lois Pfost, 2003 Joe Dvorsky, 2004 Mark Koch, 2005 Jaqueline Wall, 2006 Michael Orendorff, 2007 Stacey Diaz, 2008 Lenore "Pixie" Raich, 2009 Bill Veges, 2010 Dave Diaz, 2011 Brian Ropp, 2011 Dennis Wait, 2012 Gold Dust Saloon, 2013 Kim Arline, 2014 Becky Medina, 2015 Anthony Diaz
  2. Long Distance Award: recognize and express the club’s appreciation for the distinguished and dedicated service the recipient has rendered to the club over an extended period of time.  Past recipients:  2007 Rocky Koshla (18 yrs of newsletter fitness articles),  2007 Dave Diaz (14 yr Treasurer, President/VP over yrs), 2008-not given, 2009 Gary Franchi (17 yrs Footprints newsletter editor), 2010 Lois and Don Pfost (16 yr Predict host, numerous board positions, Predict coordinators, timing, services since 1990), 2011 Ron Dehn (9 yrs Footprints editor), 2012 Terry Cathcart (11 yr SRO race director), 2013  Dave Diaz (21 yr Rock Canyon race director), 2014 Jeff Arnold, 2015 Anthony Diaz
  3. Most Valuable Club member award: recognizes a club member that routinely goes above and beyond serving in a variety of roles.  If we have an outgoing President, he/she is often recognized for their service and leadership.  Past recipients:  1993 Kathy Stommel,1996 Lois Pfost, 2001 Jeff Arnold, 2002 Ken Raich/Ron Dehn, 2003 Dave Diaz, 2004 Terry Cathcart, 2005 Gary Franchi, 2006 Don & Lois Pfost, 2007 Ken Raich, 2008 Larry Volk, 2009 Paulette Arns, 2010 Paul LaBar, 2011 ?, 2012 Laura Wernwein, 2013 Paulette Arns, 2014 Dennis Wait, 2015 Stacey Diaz
  4. Triathlete of the Year:  SoCoT2 recognizes one ExtraOrdinary Mortal as Triathlete of the Year. The award recognizes that individual's athletic accomplishments in terms of racing, improvement, or inspiration to others, or overcoming a challenge in the sport. Please mention if the nominee has been involved hosting the local triathlon OMT or helps train youth or other local athletes.  Past recipients: 2013 Gwen Steves, 2014 Kim Arline, 2015 Michael Orendorff
  5. Runner of the Year:  help us recognize the running and racing experiences of a male and female member that is an influential member in the running or tri club, the community and beyond. Nominees must be club members, should be involved in the club or community in some manner, please mention if he/she has been a positive role model for others to attempt a new distance or event, has coached others or overcome obstacles to reach a new level in his/her own running.
    1. Previous MALE recipients:  2010 Brian Ropp, 2011 Shawn Lopnow, 2012 Paul Dallaguardia, 2013 Dave Diaz, 2014 Roger Giordano, 2015 Jason Castro
    2. Previous FEMALE recipients: 2010 Kim Arline, 2011 Deb Gurule, 2012 Becky Medina, 2013 Stacey Diaz, 2014 Paulette Arns, 2015 Carrie Franchi
  6. Youth Runner of the Year:  help us recognize the running and racing experiences of a youth 19 or under that stands out as a runner or advocate for running in the community.

 Nominations are also taken each fall for club officer positions on the board and non-elected positions.  

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any nominations (for yourself or others willing to serve) for any official positions listed here.  Nominations will be discussed at the November meeting and voted on by paper ballot at the December meeting to start in the position after the January Awards Ceremony.  Jobs others than Secretary and Vice President tend to have a learning curve involved and a 2 year term is preferred but current bylaws requires a review annually.

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