SoCoT2 recognizes one ExtraOrdinary Mortal as Triathlete of the Year at the Ordinary Mortals Triathlon and again at the annual awards banquet. The race director of the OMT has selected this award the first two years based on a triathlete that has made the biggest impact on the sport locally by helping coach the youth tri team and/or help put on the race.  The award also recognizes that individual's athletic accomplishments as a triathlete in terms of racing, improvement, inspiration to others, or overcoming a challenge in the sport.  Starting in 2015, the award may move to align with the other SCR awards for nomination and voting like the Runner of the Year awards.

2014:  Kim Arline

Kim Arline has been a key player and behind the scenes organizer of SoCoT2, Ordinary Mortals and Mini Mortals triathlons and the youth tri training program since its inception in 2010. She is Gwen's detail oriented friend with a talent of putting a lot of information in a document.  She helped co-direct the first OMT at CSU-P in 2012, was race director in 2013 and was able to compete in the 2014 OMT and finished as 3rd overall female qualifying for USAT Nationals. 

Kim Arline has really come a long way in a short time as a triathlete.  She originally hid from the spotlight feeling a bit of a poser not knowing how to swim.  During youth tri club swim practices she was stuck on deck handing out kick boards and putting on goggles and swim caps.  But she finally learned to swim in December 2012 and completed the Boulder Triathlon Series (Sprint, Olympic, 1/2 Ironman) the summer of 2013. 

In 2014, Kim cut times and added distance completing all distance races during the season.  She competed in her first Ironman in Los Cabos, Mexico finishing 10th in her age group, 1st in her age group at OMT, center of mass finisher at USAT Nationals Olympic distance in Milwaukee, 1st in her age group at Buffalo Creek Xterra (which was a long road back from a mountain bike injury) and 2nd in her age group at Harvest Moon 70.3.  She was so pleased to finally get in the water with the Youth Tri club this year and get to teach swimming. 

We thank Kim for her organization skills, inability to say no to a good idea, hard work, dedication to our club's efforts and her inspiration to other athletes wanting to get more involved in multisport events.

2013:  Gwen Steves

It is very fitting we recognize the founder and driving force behind the Southern Colorado Tri Club (SoCoT2) as our first Extraordinary Mortal Triathlete of the Year award.  Gwen Steves is an accomplished triathlete already competing in three Ironman events, and countless ½ Ironman, Olympic and Sprint distance events.  She loves multisport so much, she wanted to share it with others in Southern Colorado!

Creating SoCoT2 was a prolonged and arduous process taking several years.  Little did we know back in 2010 what would become of the Youth Tri Club she started through the YMCA and a youth triathlon the following spring.  We’ve held a youth tri training program and youth triathlon every year since.  In 2012, Gwen Steves spearheaded the effort to bring back the Ordinary Mortals Triathlon to Pueblo along with a group of CSU-P students and rename the youth events, the Mini Mortals Triathlon. 

SoCoT2 was launched in September 2012 after months of meeting with SCR to create an arm of the club to advance the sport of triathlon locally.  SoCoT2 now runs the Ordinary Mortals Triathlon (OMT) independently and has attracted a large following of local athletes to learn to swim or ride, to try triathlon and love multisport events also! 

Gwen has opened the world of triathlon to so many of us.  She has shared her secrets on training, nutrition, changing flat tires and racing through the transition zone.  She has cheered us on in training, at races and online.  When we didn’t believe in ourselves, Gwen kept our spirits up.   She has created a supportive community to train in, share our successes and set backs, and created a fun and supportive group at events cheering one another on.

We thank Gwen for her vision to create a tri club, bring back a triathlon to Pueblo, her tireless dedication to OMT, SoCoT2, youth sports and making a huge difference in Pueblo and beyond!


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