May 13, 2017

Colorado State University-Pueblo campus

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  • The OMT is a reverse order (run-bike-swim) sprint distance early season triathlon for all us "Ordinary Mortals" from the first time triathlete to more competitive triathletes on a fun and challenging course. Besides fun, our goal is to host a high quality and safe event for all types of athletes while hoping to see many families competing together! 
  • We are back to racing on  Mother's Day weekend so every mom crossing the finish line gets a flower!



   Ages 16 & up

USAT sanctioned event

9 a.m. Mass run start if 200 people or less

If over 200 people register, 9:00 a.m. Male start, 9:03 a.m. Female 


Ages 5-15

USAT sanctioned event

11:50 a.m. Mass run start 5-8 year olds

12:00 p.m. Mass run start 9-11 year olds   

12:10 p.m. Mass run start 12-15 year olds

Reverse format:


Triathlon:  Run 3.1 mile, Bike 12 mile, Swim 300 yds

*The stair climb on the run will be back in 2016 due to positive 2015 participant feedback! 


For national rankings, competitive 12-15 year olds may compete in Ordinary Mortals but please email the Race Director to discuss.

Reverse format based on age groups:

5-8 yrs: Run 0.5 mile, Bike 1.6 mile, Swim 25 yds  (one parent may escort on run & bike)

9-11 yrs: Run 1 mile, Bike 4.4 mile, Swim 150 yrds

12-15 yrs: Run 2 mile, Bike 7.2 mile, Swim 300 yrds

*Note USAT rules determine your age group by the age you are on 12/31 of the event year not your race day age. More competitive youth may elect to race in a higher age group but a lower age group is not allowed.

Registration:   1/1/17 thru 5/10/17

Online (closed 5/10/17)  

Print & Mail form (must receive by 5/10)

Entry fee:  (if annual USAT member)

$50 registered by March 1

$60 registered March 2 to May 1

(SCR club members get $5 discount thru 5/1)

$80 registered May 2 thru May 10

Plus $15 USAT day license if not annual  USAT member

No refunds or transfers of registrations

 Registration: 1/1/17 thru 5/10/17

Online (closed 5/10/17)

Print & Mail form (must receive by 5/10)

Entry fee:  (if annual USAT member) 

$25 registered by March 1

$30 registered March 2 to May 1

$35 registered May 2 thru May 10

Plus $10 USAT day license if not annual USAT member

No refunds or transfers of registrations

Run Course map and Elevation Map

Bike Course map and Elevation Map 

Swim map

Run/Bike Course map 

Spectator viewing along Bartley near TZ!

Swim map 

OM Triathlon awards: top 3 males and females in age groups: 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

MM awards: top 3 males and females in age groups: 5-8, 9-11, 12-15.

All youth get finishers dog tag.

Prior Results: 

Current CSU-P course: 2012  2013  2014

2015 2016

Pueblo West course:  1999    2000   2001    2002   2003    2004    2005   2006

Prior Results

Current CSU-P course:  2011  2012  2013   2014 

2015 2016

Race Day Details (driving directions, parking, packet pick up)

Volunteer Registration

Sponsors for the OMT

The Ordinary/Mini Mortals Triathlon is organized and run by the Southern Colorado Triathlon Club (SoCo-T2), part of Southern Colorado Runners, as an opportunity for local triathletes to race at home and as a fundraiser for promoting active, healthy lifestyles and tri sports in Pueblo County.   As a USAT sanctioned event, the Race Director will follow guidelines for delays or cancellation of event due to extreme weather. There are no refunds due to extreme conditions altering the event.


Contact Race Director:  Kim Arline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Ordinary Mortals® History     Return to Top

Dr. Steven Jonas first used the term "Ordinary Mortals" in his 1986 book Triathloning for Ordinary Mortals (New York: Norton, 1986, 2nd ed., 2006), the first-ever book for beginners in the sport.  (Subsequently, he obtained a registered trademark for “Ordinary Mortals.”)  He has a new book on duathlon only, Duathlon Training and Racing for Ordinary Mortals®: Getting Started and Staying with It, (Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press/FalconGuides, 2012). From 2013 he will be serializing his book 101 Ideas and Insights for Triathletes and Duathletes  (Monterey, CA; Coaches choice, 2011) on the USA-Triathlon website.  He has also worked closely with Coach George Dallam, Ph.D. on two of George’s books, Championship Triathlon Training (Champaign, IL, Human Kinetics, 2008) and the forthcoming Coaching and Teaching Triathlon (Monterey, CA: Coaches Choice, 2013). His website, www.ordinarymortals.net details his work of his over 30 years of training, racing and helping others in triathlon/duathlon and exercising regularly for health. With his permission we are honored to continue using the term “Ordinary Mortals®” for our Triathlon.

Michael Orendorff, the original race director of the Ordinary Mortals Triathlon (OMT) here in Pueblo was inspired by Dr. Jonas work and wanted to bring the multi-sport to Southern Colorado.  The original cofounders of OMT, Herb Brockman and Don Thompson, were employed at the Regional Center where the original race was hosted from 1987 to 2006.  Within a few years, the race became a respected annual race event by the YMCA of Pueblo until 2006. 

Gwen Steves, a local triathlete and swim coach had fond memories as a teenage volunteer counting laps for the early OMT events and worked to bring back the OMT along with the youth Mini Mortals race in 2012.  Due to increased traffic in Pueblo West, the returning race was held at CSU-Pueblo campus and the airport along with an Event Management class at CSU-Pueblo in 2012.  Starting in 2013, the event has been organized and run by the Southern Colorado Triathlon Club which is part of the long standing Southern Colorado Runners club.

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