4th Annual Hustle for Russell 5K
Pleasant View Middle School

Results and Report by Jeff Arnold

The 4th Annual Hustle for Rustle was held at Pleasant View Middle School 11/6/06. It featured fun runs for kids on the track, a 1 mile walk, and 5K walk, none of which were timed, as well as a 5k Run. This was apparently the best turnout they’ve had, including volunteer teachers.

There were no times or places kept in the kids’ runs or the walks. My estimate is that there were probably 25-30 walkers. I started last of the runners but eventually caught a PV seventh grader named Brandon. I slowed a bit and encouraged him, but felt surprisingly good. When we caught a PV girl who was running just before the mile mark, Brandon joined her in walking. I began to increase my pace from the 10:40 I di, which was a pleasant surprise.

I didn’t see the front of the race for more than a minute, but Paul Murphy and Kyle Reno ran together for awhile. Kyle later said he eased off for a bit and Paul kept going all the way to a 12 second victory. Kyle’s girlfriend, Tina Gray was also second, behind Pueblo West freshman Anna Marshall. They were easily 7th and 8th overall of 24 running finishers.

The race was well organized, the flat course was well marked and we had the chance to finish on the track. There were numerous door prizes. I won a $10 certificate from Pasta Cottage.

========== 5K RESULTS =============
  1 Paul Murphy          17:27
  2 Kyle Reno            17:39
  3 Matthew Drake        17:49
  4 Craig Cafffey        18:39
  5 Aaron Levinson       18:45
  6 Gary Franchi         23:04
  7 Alec Aranda          23:14
  8 Brandon Schaffer     23:16
  9 John DiPrince        28:25
 10 Jeff Arnold          30:06
 11 Don Pfost            30:32
 12 Joe Trujillo         31:04
 13 Brandon Medina       32:12
 14 Randy Sandoval       33:29

  1 Anna Marshall        20:05
  2 Tina Gray            20:55
  3 Marti Marshall       24:24
  4 Denise Miller        25:31
  5 Andrea Schwartz      25:53
  6 Jackie DeCarlo       26:51
  7 Fran Borton          27:05
  8 Amber Pirraglia      29:08
  9 Nicole Pirraglia     29:08
 10 Connir Boies         32:07

========= UNTIMED EVENTS ============

Age 9
     1. Angelica Wall

          Kids Fun Run
Age 4 & under

     1 Trevor Thomas
     2 Julia Autobee
     3 Caden Neal

Age 5 – 6

     1 Anthony Pisciotta
     2 Sarah DeCarlo
     3 Mikayla DeCarlo

Age 7-8

     1 Angelina Siacca
     2 Michaella Pisciotta
     3 Zach Thomas 

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