Special thanks to our sponsors suporting the Southern Colorado Triathlon Club and offering discounts to club members:

  • Women's Health Clinic:  paid USAT club liability insurance 2012, 2013! Gold Level sponsor for OMT 2013, 2014!
  • Xterra wetsuits: 65% discount to club members on wetsuits (code C-sctc)!
  • Great Divide Bike Shop:  5% off bikes, 10% off merchandise (must show USAT annual card)
  • Nick's Bike Shop:  10% off merchandise
  • Sundance Cycles: 15% off merchandise and bicycle.!  Mechanical support at Ordinary Mortals
  • InZone Fitness:  3 month membership only $20/month for club members. Free Insanity work out Saturdays 8:30-9:30 am
  • Pueblo Master's Swimmers:  our USAT club insurance coverage of club members allows us to swim during their workouts for $2 a session
  • Fashion Hotline/The Cave: merchandise support for races and team apparel
  • Austin Shelby Insurance and Addict 2 Athlete: team t-shirts for all youth Tri Club members 2014

If you join USAT as an annual member ($45 annually) you also get the following discounts:

  • TYR: 20% off at www.tyr.com
  • Rudy: 25% off at www.e-rudy.com
  • GU:  20% off www.guenergy.com
  • Training Peaks: 10% off at www.TrainingPeaks.com/USAT
  • United Airlines: 5% off at www.united.com/usoc
  • Avis: up to 25% off
  • Hilton: up to 15% off
  • Fuel Belt: 25% off at www.fuelbelt.com


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