Male and Female Runner of the Year Award

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Awards


The SCR Male Runner and SCR Female Runner of the Year nominations are more involved needing a short write up with a brief overview of running and racing experience, how that individual has been involved in the running or tri club, the community and beyond.  Nominees must be club members, should be involved in the club or community in some manner, please mention if he/she has been a positive role model for others to attempt a new distance or event, has coached others or overcome obstacles to reach a new level in his/her own running.  Please include a photo so others in the club can get to know this remarkable person.

Nominations should be made online no later than December 21, 2021 

Please take time to put some thought into your nominations as the club would like to pay tribute to deserving club members.  All nominees will be recognized on the website and at the banquet in January.

Winners are listed below:

Runner of the Year

Male Female





Dr. Robert Pratt

Gloria Montoya


Eric Castellano

Melanie Steves


Robert Lucero

Marilyn Vargas


Dan Nelson

Melanie Nelson


Roger Giordano

 Paulette Arns

2013 Dave Diaz  Stacey Diaz 
2012 Paul Dallaguardia  Becky Medina 
2011 Shawn Lopnow    Deb Gurule
2010 Brian Ropp  Kim Arline 
2009 Justin Ricks   Peggy Oreskovich
2008  Ron Dehn Stacey Diaz
2007  Joe D’Angelo Tammy Stone 
2006  Humberto Paredes Gina Benfatti 
2005  Dave Diaz Emily Borrego
2004  Rich Hadley Jessie Quintana
2003 Marv Bradley Katherine Frank-Dvors
2002 Chief Reno   Jill Montera
2001  Matt Sherman Marijane Martinez 

Formerly called Most

improved Runner of Year

 1993 Chris Borton   Marijane Martinez