Youth Runners of the Year

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Awards


SCR Youth Runner of the Year

Each year SCR recognizes the running and racing experiences of a male and female youth 19 or under that stands out as a runner or advocate for running in the community.

Submit nomination by December 21, 2021.


Youth Runner

Male Female
2020 N/A N/A
2019 Rylan Dehn Michelle Pratt
2018 Lorenzo Wade Patrice McGivney
2017 Meno Vargas Rosalinda Vargas
2016 Meno Vargas Emily Lucero
2014  Michael Duran  Emily Perez 
2013     Michael Duran Jessica Kleven
2012 Corbin Pagnatta  Jessica Kleven
2010  Mike Cernoia Jessica Kleven 
2009 Mike Cernoia, PHWS  Anna Marshall, PWHS
2008  Shayne Taylor  Anna Marshall
2007  Aaron Levinson Jerica Khosla 
2006 Matt Drake Samantha Davenport
2005 Jordan Montera Ashlee Withrow
2004 not given Jerica Khosla
2003 not given Sarah Koch
2002 Aaron Lopez Tiffany Reno
2001 Aaron Lopez  Crystal Berndt