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Club Membership

New membership system through starting the fall of 2016!   Join or renew your membership online!

Online membership – new Members and renewing members with lapsed memberships 

  1. Create or sign into your existing RunSignUp account – you may already have one if you’ve signed up for any races in RunSignUp such as those offered by Pikes Peak Road Runners. You can search by your email address to retrieve a forgotten password.
  2. Create or Update Your Profile Information – enter or verify address, phone, email address (email you actually check) because this is how we will mainly communicate with you in the future. You have control over your information like address, spelling, birthday, etc. This will affect your race entries through runsignup, so we prefer you to edit your personal information as a typo on our part could change age groups at other races. You can keep your address up to date so you don’t miss any of the printed newsletters we send quarterly now!
  3. Select your membership type and length you desire – be sure to select the the correct the SCR only or SCR plus Tri Club option and think about the time frame you want to renew. We now offer 12, 24 or 36 month renewals to save on the transaction fees and reduce reminders to renew.
  4. Over 70 years old? – we offer a free SCR membership to individuals over 70 years old (use discount code 70member) or SCR family membership if the couple is over 70 years old (discount code is 70couple). The discount is for a 12 month membership and can be applied to an individual or family SCR or SCR plus Tri Club membership.
  5. Confirm and Pay – congratulations you’re a new member! You WILL get an email showing you paid and expiration date of renewed membership – maybe forward the email to your spouse so they don’t get carried away and renew again! RunSignUp will send reminders to you periodically before your membership expires to renew with a direct link to your membership information.

Mail In Your Membership

You can renew by printing form and mailing check but you still need to have a RunSignUp account and claim a membership we enter for you for club discounts to be subtracted from online race registrations. Please realize volunteers periodically check the PO Box so there will be delays entering a mail-in membership.

Claiming your membership: 

  1. Create or sign into your existing RunSignUp account you may already have one if you’ve signed up for any races in RunSignUp such as those offered by Pikes Peak Road Runners. You can search by your email address to retrieve a forgotten password.
  2. CLAIM your existing membership and attach it to your RunSignUp account. This will automatically keep remaining months active on your membership when you renew.
    • You can find your name on the existing membership list and click “Is this you?” to CLAIM your membership.
    • NOTE: only the primary family member will have “Is this you?” next to your name. We imported club members and had to merge family members to their FAMILY MEMBERSHIP and might have a child accidentally listed as the primary member but you can fix that.

Why Adopt a New Club Membership Registration System?

      • CURRENT MEMBERS: Updated member rosters easily accessible, check current members here and when your membership expires.
      • RACE REGISTRATIONS: We will host our race registrations on runsignup and get cross promotion with others using runsignup. Twelve Colorado running clubs are using runsignup, as well as, many other organizations and becoming a way to search for races near and far!
      • RACE WEBSITE: This offers a lot of behind the scenes flexibility for our club management of races, updating information on the race.
      • RACE DISCOUNTS: When registering for races, the system recognizes our members and automatically applies club discounts (we typically offer $5 off our races-Spring Runoff, Ordinary Mortals Triathlon, Atalanta, Rock Canyon- to our club members as we tend to keep race entry fees low) when you register for our races if your membership is up to date! Pikes Peak Running club uses this system also and sometimes extends discounts to our members and vice versa, so those discounts can also be automatic!
      • VOLUNTEER SIGN UP: We can host a volunteer sign up for each event with a lot of flexibility for race directors and club helpers.
      • RACE RESULTS: All of our race results can be posted on runsignup so your account will have your race results, the site will host all race results and will be searchable. AND you will be notified via email when they are posted!
      • CLUB STORE and DONATIONS: We can host a store of club apparel to order and we can take donations for a club sponsored drive or member in need.
      • The Predict Series of races is for SCR members. We never want to turn people away but visitors have thrown off results in the past when they take the high points and then later get tossed out due to not being a member. To be fair to our members, only current members will earn points for the race that day. You can always join the club at the Predict with cash or check or go online and join online to be included in the race results that day.

Southern Colorado Runners

(SCR only)

Southern Colorado Triathlon Club

(SCR plus SoCo-T2)

Individual: $15 (only $10 if 17 & under, free if 70 & over)

Family: $25 (All in one residence)

Individual: $25

Family: $45 (All in one residence)

Support local non-profit with mission to promote
running, active lifestyles and offer affordable races to thousands of people in Southern Colorado a chance to train and challenge themselves.

Support local non-profit that funds a number of organizations promoting health and fitness in the Pueblo area.

Enjoy the fall Harvest Predict party run for free!

Annual awards banquet – great awards for volunteers and Runner of the Year!

Discount on all races produced by SCR

Free monthly prediction races and brunches

Monthly club newsletter mailed to your residence including a calendar of races

Club training runs

Make new friends and much more!

All the benefits of SCR club PLUS

Special pool hours for Tri Club members

Participate in all Tri training events on calendar: adult and youth sessions available. Parents welcome to attend youth oriented sessions.

Participate in Tri classes and clinics offered

Supportive network for new and experienced triathletes

Enjoy supportive team members at races


Membership fees are used to offset expenses incurred by the club for newsletter costs, equipment maintenance & storage, insurance, RRCA fees and insurance, USA Triathlon fees and insurance, website costs, and general expenses.

The Southern Colorado Runners Club and Triathlon Clubs are all-volunteer organizations. So 100% of your membership fees are being used to keep the club in place, which directly benefits the running community in our area.

Contact Kim Arline, the membership chairperson, at if you have any questions.