Ben & Matt’s Trail Mix

by | Sep 16, 2006 | News Articles

Ben & Matt’s Trail Mix
Prediction Series race diary …

by Gary Franchi

I miss the railroad tracks. The new loop on this Prediction Series race was a killer and, for me, a body destroyer. It was so much hillier, and there was so much uneven surface that my knees and right foot began killing me by around mile 6. With no chance of dropping out in the middle of nowhere, there was no choice but to complete the final 4 and a half miles in pain, hoping there wouldn’t be permanent damage to the aching toe that was operated on 4 years ago.

Ran right behind Joe Bulow for most of the first 6 miles and flip-flopped positions with him a couple of times, but he left me in the dust rather quickly once I began having difficulty and I think he finished over 9 minutes ahead of me. Talk about a fast fade!

Marijane Martinez and Diane Lopez were the smart ones. They showed up at the Nature Center to get in a 20-miler as a prep for the Boston Marathon, but they stayed on the River Trail to avoid getting hurt on the Trail Mix course. Very wise.

Whatever, with the exception of Karen VanHaverbeke and the many toe blisters she suffered, I didn’t hear others bellyaching at the finish so I guess it was just me and my fragile body that suffered. And I was feeling better later in the day and was pretty much recovered by the next day. Ran Tuesday and had no knee nor foot pain at all.

Guess I’m just a wimp. Not that I’m telling you anything you didn’t already know. Now you know why my mother once told me when I was playing high school sports that I should take up knitting because I was always getting hurt. Very wise.

Should have listened.


Mr. G