Hornets Running – Starting Regular Practice

by | Jul 30, 2000 | News Articles

Starting Regular Practice

The Hornet Cross Country team has started regular practice as have the other teams in the area. That doesn’t mean that all of the people we hope to have running when the competition season is underway are running. Basically Tiffany Reno and five young men, Adam Arellano, Jon-Todd Baker, Kyle Reno, Chad Stapleton and Brad Winn are running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings somewhere in the Pueblo area and Shaun Gogarty has an open trail run somewhere near Rye, usually on Tuesday or Thursday evening. So far these Rye runs are a movable feast that have attracted lots of adults and young runners but never more than three high school prospects at one time. Incidentally, if you’d like to join us for any run, you’re welcome. Please call me at 947-3682 , Diana Reno at 561-3343, or Shaun Gogarty at 676-3353.

Before I go on, let me put in a few highlights of the regional and state track meets in May. I apologize for my tardiness, especially as these were outstanding meets for us. At regionals both Brad and Kyle set non-qualifying PR’s in the 3200, 11:29.0 and 11:20.9 respectively. Chad also set a non-qualifying PR in the 800 of 2:02.3. The men’s 4×800 and 4×400 teams qualified.

At state Adam Arellano qualified for the finals with a PR 49.85 which is intrinsically better than the hand timed school record set by Derrick Jones in 1989. Adam placed ninth in the finals. In the 4×800 relay Adam ran a 2:00+ leg, Chad a 1:58+, and Jon-Todd 2:08+ on the way to a school record 8:16+ which placed the team ninth. The 4×400 team also set a school record and placed but I don’t have either the final time or splits handy and I’ve waited much too long to get this out.

During the summer 1975 County graduates John Montoya and Gerald Ure have raced well. John came up from Raton to place 4th overall in the Pioneer Day 5K. Mark Koch (77) is running well as always, pointing to the Pikes Peak roundtrip. Paul Koch (86) is also doing well but i haven’t heard that he’s going to do the Peak. At the Women’s Distance Festival 2000 graduates Jessica Gogarty and Kristi Koschke took 1, 2 in their age division as they did in the Pioneer Day 5K. Both are running faster than they were at this point last year which looks good for Southern Virginia (Jessica) and CSU (Kristi). Crystal Berndt was 3rd in her age division at the WDF.