Hornets Running – Varsity Track Season Opens

by | Mar 30, 2000 | News Articles

Varsity Track Season Opens

The varsity track season opened for County High with a big invitational meet in Alamosa Saturday March 25th. The boys placed second overall and the girls third.

The boys 4×800 relay team took second with a 9:07.2. Mark Montelongo led off with a 2:12 leg, Kaven Rhule ran 2:20.2 in second, Adam Arellano 2:16 in third and Jon Todd Baker brought it home in 2:19. In the 1500 meter run Chad Stapleton took seventh in 4:51.9. Kyle Reno ran 5:00.7 and Brad Winn 5:10.8. Chad anchored the 1600 medley with an 800 in a PR 2:08.7. In the 3000 Kyle took fifth in 11:07.7, Brad ran 11:48.3, and R.J. Salazar 12:45.1.

The girls 4×800 relay took fifth. Nicole Pirraglia led off in 2:56.4, Rebekah Kobilan ran the second in 2:57.7, Valerie Valdez the third in 3:05.2, and Brianna Bachmeier anchored in 3:07.4 for a total of 12:06.7. In the 1500 Kristi Koshke ran 5:54.2, Rebekah 6:16.7, and Valerie 6:52.6. Kristi ran the 800 anchor on the second place 1600 medley in 2:48.8. Rebekah took fifth in 13:34.8.

We had our second varsity track meet of the season at a quad with Centennial, East and Central March 28 at Dutch Clark. Both boys and girls took second.

To my mind the outstanding performances of the night were a couple of relay anchor legs, the first and last for the boys. In the 4×800 we were a very long way behind when Chad Stapleton got the baton. I was running the high jump at that time so I didn¹t have splits going but I could see Chad was really running. He closed a lot on a good Centennial anchor and ran a PR 2:05. In the 4×400 our first two runners were tired and cold and we were a long way behind when Adam Arellano got the baton on the third leg. He ran a low 52 split to put us in position for Chris Reinhardt¹s amazing anchor. Centennial had a pretty good lead with a rocket fast runner carrying the stick. Chris took off and got close and was gaining half way through the last turn and I commented to someone that Centennial¹s anchor would turn it on and hold Chris off. Chris didn¹t listen and flew by. He had a PR 52.7 split.

Chad also had a good 1600, a 5:07 for third, and then ran the 200 in a PR 25.3 which isn¹t going to scare any sprinters but will confirm for him that he can run a sub two minute 800. Brad Winn ran a 2:24 relay leg which was disappointing for him and then a good early season 5:17 1600, followed by an open 800 in 2:29.7. After a 2:20 leg on the B 4×800 relay Kyle Reno stayed out of the 1600 to be fresh for the 3200. The 3200 was canceled because of darkness so Kyle anchored the B 4×400 team with a PR 60.3 split.

In the first three legs of the A 4×800 relay Jon Todd Baker ran 2:12, Hank Hessen ran 2:20, Mark Montelongo 2:20. The B relay had R.J. Salazar lead off with 2:34, Kyle 2:20, Brad 2:24, and Kaven Rhule 2:20. R.J. ran the 1600 in 5:51 and the 800 in 2:37.8. Kaven ran the 1600 in a PR 5:12 and the 800 in 2:24. Joe Marino ran 6:55 in the 1600.

On the distaff side the girls started the meet with a big win in the 4×800 relay. Nicole Pirraglia led off with a 3:00, Rebekah Kobilan ran a season best 2:52 leg, Kristi Koschke put us in the lead with another season best 2:41. and Leann Lisac held on with a very good 2:45 which sealed a half lap victory in 11:20.2. In the 1600 Kristi ran a season best 6:12 to take first. Rebekah took second in a PR 6:20, Jennifer Huskin ran her first ever 1600 in 7:20, Valerie 7:32 and Alyssa Morris 7:44. In the open 800 Kristi¹s 2:44 took third well behind a stunning 2:22 by Centennial¹s Jenna Bimbi. Nicole ran 2:56.5 and Alyssa 3:27.4.

Pueblo is jumping into the track season with both feet with the Pueblo Challenge Cup at Dutch Clark Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1, and that¹s no joke. Sixteen teams including defending state champion Mullen have been invited. Field events get underway at 3:00 Friday afternoon and 9 Saturday morning. The South Central League Relays will be held at Dutch Clark Tuesday April 4. I hope to see you at one or both of those meets.