The Y-BI

by | Apr 12, 2006 | News Articles

Gary’s Diary #2 of 2006
The Y-BI

submitted April 12, 2006

You know, I remember one year when the weather wasn’t too lousy on the day of the Y-Bi, only gloves-needing cold. It was during the race, too. And in Pueblo West.

But that was at least a decade ago, probably more. Since then we’ve had rain, wind, snow, wind, cold, wind, gray, wind, wind, wind … oh, and more wind. To suggest that Mother Nature might not like this event would be slighting her thorough disdain for it. Ben must have offended her but good many years ago.

On Sunday, April 9, 78 duathletes and pseudo duathletes were treated to … well, let’s be nice … a stiff breeze. Oh, and it was a tad warm, too. What a great combo – wind and warmth. Like Shake ’n Bake.

Finish times undoubtedly suffered some. The whining afterward was dominant, but not for long. Being endurance athletes, most of the participants – after damning the weather conditions – eventually got around to saying that the workout was a good one and they were glad they got it in since it will help them in their training progression or some other such nonsense. How quickly the mind forgets the pain. It’s a good thing, since most events would quickly disappear if we had any kind of memories. I’m surprised that I can even remember the decent weather that the Y-Bi had more than a decade ago since I surely must have suffered much pain during it. Oh, I get it; I remember the weather but not the pain.

All seriousness aside, there were some good performances at the Y-Bi, and that overall winner, Hagen, sure is a stud as he won by almost 3 minutes. Victoria of the YMCA did a fine job in her first test at directing a multi-sport event, thanks to the advisory assistance of club members Dave Diaz and Mike Orendorff. If this was the last Y-Bi, I bid it adieu. But I hope it shows up on the schedule at a different time and location. It gives this area a very unique racing opportunity.

One more thought:
It seems to me that somewhere around 20,000 people or more now live in Pueblo West. My question is, do any of those people really know what they’re getting into when they move into that Wind Belt?

Talk to you again soon,

Mr. G-lightful