Thoughts of the Temple Canyon Prediction Series race

by | Nov 24, 2007 | News Articles

Gary’s Diary Returns

Thoughts of the Temple Canyon Prediction Series race

by Gary Franchi
Event Date: Saturday, Nov. 24, 2007

I must confess – I missed the Temple Canyon Prediction Series race because I had to wash my hair. Like showers, you wash your hair once a week whether you need to or not.

OK, OK, that isn’t entirely true – the part about the showers, I mean. With the YMCA footing the bill for most of my showers as part of my paid membership, cleansing after a workout there is standard protocol. You’re welcome. My co-workers are especially grateful.

But bigger fish had to be fried on the Saturday of the Temple Canyon. With a work week that has now turned into a week and a half’s worth or more, there has been little time to taste the many fruits that life offers. All great intentions of running in the Temple Canyon run went by the wayside earlier in the week with the realization that the “To Do” list had reached such proportions that staying in Pueblo to work on Saturday was not just a good idea but a necessity. The mound was not going to disappear by itself, and there were preparations to do for Tuesday’s visit by Colorado Dept. of Education czar David Skaggs. Plus, let’s not forget about needing to wash my hair. So goes life.

I hear I missed a grand time. Having previously dusted off an old pair of worn-out running shoes for the anticipated tip-toe through Grape Creek, I would have been ready to traipse on through it – and no less than twice as you runners did. Lucky you. I’m glad the excursion provided mental enrichment. I certainly hope there were no accompanying frostbitten toes. Ah, but what’s a couple of toes, anyway. I mean, we’re runners, aren’t we?

Well, that keeps my Prediction Series log at just two races this year. Life is like that.

Talk to ya again soon! Hopefully before I have to wash my hair again.

Mr. G-lightful