Virtual Run May 2020

by | May 19, 2020 | Predict Series 2020

Hello Everybody,

I hope everyone is safe and sound and thanks to all of you for participating in the virtual run.  We had 61 participants and I listed their distance and location as accurately as possible.  You will see there was a wide area of coverage and I hope people felt inspired by getting out to exercise.  Guidelines have been published as to safe practices for races and hopefully we can have a real race in the near future.   Unfortunately it will be minus the food and social interaction. 

Stay Safe,




Name Location
Lindsey Romero 3.1 Pueblo West
Terri Tibbs 3.1 Pueblo West
Jane Murtha 3.1 Pueblo West
Anthony Diaz 2.0 Unknown
Jay Zarr Pueblo Dam
Mary Oreskovich 3.1 Lake Minnequa
Gina Hudson 12 City Park
Robert Espinoza 3.1 Eagleridge
Rebecca Simmons 3.1 Eagleridge
Regina Webb 3.1 Imperial Gardens
Alicia Lopez Pueblo West
Janique Holbrook 2.0 Riverwalk
Robert Lucero 2.1 City Park
Lisa Lucero 2.1 City Park
Emily Lucero 2.1 City Park
Shawn Loppnow 7.5 Atlanta, GA
Meg Scarlet 3.3 CMHIP area
Lew Fox 3.3 CMHIP area
Jason Castro 3.1 Ark River Trail
Jessie Caserez 3.1 Pueblo West
Melanie Steves 9.0 Mesa
Trisha Davis 2.1 City Park Trail
Bob Noble 2.1 City Park Trail
Marijane Martinez 3.1 Burnt Mill Rd
Carmen Perez 3.1 Burnt Mill Rd
Gloria Montoya 3.1 Burnt Mill Rd
Alexandria Romero 2.0 Mesa Junction
Darlene Chavez 3.1 Eagleridge
Paul Dallaguardi 3.2 Pueblo West
Roger Giordano 9 Ark River Trail
Sheri Giordano 4 Lake Pueblo Trails
Wendy Garrison 2.0 University Park
Ann Macartney 3.1 Unknown
Becky Medina 3.1 Neighborhood
Robert Quintana 2.0 Unknown
Eric Medina 2.1 Neighborhood
Rick Acosta 2.0 Unknown
Stephani Giconi 3.1 Pueblo West
Joseph Spinuzzi 3.6 El Camino
Ron Dehn 2.0 Pueblo West
Chris Dehn 2.0 Pueblo West
Ernie Aguilar 2.0 Mesa
Yvonne Aguilar 2.0 Mesa
Kim Arline 3.1 Pueblo West
Lisa Vigil 3.1 Texas
Lallo Vigil 3.1 Texas
Larry Volk 3.1 Lake Pueblo Trails
Dave Dehn 3.1 El Camino
Cathy Dehn 3.1 El Camino
Sean McGivney 3.1 University Park
Jitlka McGivney 3.1 University Park
Stacey Diaz 3.1 Domega
Dave Diaz 3.1 City Park
Robert Pratt 12 Lake Pueblo
Paul Hindman 3.1 Beulah
Melanie Nelson 3.1 Mesa
Humberto Paredes 3.1 Pueblo West
Dan Nelson 3.1 Mesa
Hollie Brosseau 3.1 West Park
Nelson Brentlinger 3.1 Pueblo West
Ted Sillox 4.0 Pueblo Dam