Finish Line and Results Training

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Volunteers are needed to assist with SCR races such as Predict races, OMT, Rock Canyon, Spring Run Off. Volunteers assist by helping with the following duties:

  • Finish line (2-3 volunteers): set up finish line chute and large display clock, use a primary and back up time machine to record times and bib numbers (as many as possible), pull bib tags and spindle for results crew to enter and match to times            
  • If SCR time machines used:  compile race results (2 volunteers): Must be trained to use the Race Director software, match bibs to finish times using the wireless downloaded times (or hand enter), match to tape from time machine and bibs that are spindled.  Compile age group and overall results reports for the race director after 90% of participants cross the finish line.  Must email file of results to for posting later that same day.  
  • If SCR chip timing used:  qualified, trained and experienced chip timing volunteers coordinate all aspects of the collection of times, have extra volunteer with time machine gather duplicate times in case a chip is not read.  
  • If Chip Timing company is hired:  contractor largely takes care of most issues with timing, will identify their own volunteer needs in the contract such as volunteers to retrieve re-usable chips, collect duplicate times by time machine or general crowd control volunteers.

SCR uses the Race Management Software for creating timely race results.  Successful use of this software requires:

  1. Preregistered participant information to be downloaded in Excel Spreadsheet format.  This data file should be emailed to timing coordinator the day bibs are to be assigned and labeled.  Required data fields for race results:  First and last name, age, birth date, gender, event assigned to race,
  2. The Race Management Software function (explain steps) will print barcoded labels for bibs for quick assignment and scanning at the event.
  3. Same day registration may be accomplished by club volunteers entering forms into the system while event organization provides packet pick up and cashier duties.
  4. Wireless download of finish line times and bib numbers: may be accomplished into the race management software if power is provided for the club computers within 50 feet of the finish line.  Quick download may be accomplished by bringing the laptop to the finish line periodically.
  5. Hand entry of finishing times may be done by hand.
  6. Wire loops containing pulled and ordered bibs can be scanned and verified for matching times and bibs to the tape.
  7. Race results can be generated when all times and bibs are reconciled.  Race results are printed and given to Race Director for award ceremony and recognition
  8. Race results will be emailed to for posting on the SCR website no later than the following day of the event.