Picnic Coming

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Uncategorised

The annual SCR Picnic will be held at Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah Sunday, August 13th. It’s scheduled to start at noon with food, catered by Cinfully Delicious, scheduled to arrive at 1:00. The menu will include beef and chicken enchilada casseroles, beef and bean burritos, green chili, beans, rice and salad. Dave Diaz will bring beer and Don and Lois Pfost soft drinks.

There is plenty of shade with hiking trails nearby, and a softball field if anyone wants to try to get this aging group organized for anything like that. Last year the picnic was a great place to kick back after the Beulah Challenge. Unfortunately that fine race will not be held this year, so if you want to run first, contact Rich Hadley, 784-6514, of Jeff Arnold, jeffaco@earthlink.net, for trail tips.

When you arrive at the fork of the road at the edge of Beulah, turn left onto South Pine Drive. At about three miles after the fork start looking for a sign that says Pueblo Mountain Park. You’ll turn right up a fairly steep dirt road. Keep going until you see Dave with a keg of beer in his truck. Then please drive over and help.

Cycling note: Biking is doable if you’re up for a 50 mile round trip from Pueblo, or if you have someone to take you and your bike back afterward

We’ll see you there.