Requesting Race Assistance

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Process to Request Race assistance:

  1. Appoint a Race Director to coordinate with SCR. The Race Director has overall responsibility for organizing the proposed event. A more complete description of what all is involved in hosting a race can be found in the Race Director Kit.
  2. Race Director Responsibilities:
    1. Overall responsibility for organizing the proposed event, obtaining sponsorships, recruiting volunteers, creating registration form, advertising, managing the event, providing awards and refreshments.
    2. Start by selecting a date for your event: look over the existing SCR race calendar for events the club is assisting and try to find a few potential dates to host your event. SCR tries to avoid conducting more than one race on a given day.
    3. Select a location and course for your event.  Depending on the location and course, you may need to get permits for park usage, road closures or qualified road guards. The club can offer suggestions.
    4. Initiate request for race assistance at least four months in advance and complete the Race Assistance/Equipment Use Contract requesting SCR assistance and email the SCR club president to request race assistance and placement on the next SCR club meeting agenda to discuss your event.  The club meets 1st Wednesday of each month at the YMCA.
  3. Four months or more prior to event: Request for race assistance must be presented at least four months prior to the scheduled day of your proposed event and initiate the Race Assistance/Equipment Rental Contract Race Assistance/Equipment Use Contract (Must be completed and turned into SCR 4 months (120 days) prior to your event. (You are also required to provide a certificate of insurance listing SCR as an additional insured if your event is approved).
    1. An SCR member must volunteer to act as liaison and have overall responsibility for details pertaining to SCR’s involvement with the proposed event including recruiting the finish line/results volunteers, picking up and returning any required SCR equipment, and coordination with the event organization. The SCR liaison is also responsible for collecting any SCR fees, which should be immediately submitted to the treasurer.
    2. SCR will vote on whether the club can provide assistance at the proposed event. (Decisions generally will be provided at the next meeting and no later than 3 months prior to the event.) Reasons for NOT providing assistance include:
      1. The organization failed to request assistance at least four months prior to the proposed event.
      2. SCR is already committed to assisting another event on the same day.
      3. No SCR member is available or willing to serve as liaison between the organization’s Race Director and the SCR.
      4. A history of the organization not providing proper support in previous years.
  4. 3 Months or more prior: After the event is approved, the requesting organization has 60 days to complete the following:
    1. The event organization must obtain liability insurance and list SCR as an additional insured. A Certificate of Insurance must be provided to SCR at least 60 days prior to the event with the signed contact.
    2. Design their race entry form (sample entry forms from SCR available here) ensuring it contains all the necessary information for race results.  Online registration option should also be established with all necessary data fields.  If timing provided by the club, all preregistered participant data fields must be available in Xcel format for download into Race Management Software.
    3. The Race Director must follow the Southern Colorado Runners facebook page and monitor their Email on a daily basis. Many questions about an event are raised on the Facebook page server and the response from the Race Director should be timely and accurate. The monitoring of the SCR list server activity must continue for a month after the event (unless outstanding issues still exist at that time).
    4. Begin the promotion/advertisement of their event.
  5. 1 Month prior: Race Director must attend the regularly scheduled SCR meeting to present updates on the event including preparations for registration, aid stations, course marshals, lead/sweep vehicles, police arrangements, etc.
  6. Few days prior and Event Day – the sponsoring organization is responsible for:
    1. Ordering race bib numbers.  Bib numbers can be obtained from SCR for $0.35 each through the Gold Dust Saloon.  Organization is charged for the number of bibs used (may request extra, only charged for those not returned).
    2. Pre-registration download of information into Race Management software (via Xcel file)
    3. All cashier duties leading up to event and day of event
    4. Event day pre-registered participant check-in and packet pick-up.
    5. Course marshals and course marking unless specifically arranged prior with SCR.
    6. Split timers
    7. Ordering awards and T-shirts, hats, gloves, socks, mugs or other event souvenirs (get creative)
    8. Coordinating with outside sources such as ambulance, police, park officials, etc.  Approval from city for parade permits, etc.
    9. Water and/or refreshments, first aid.
    10. Restrooms or porta-johns PA system
    11. Clean up following event
    12. Race director needs to attend the SCR Monthly meeting following their event to provide a brief “lessons learned” after-race report and any necessary follow-up.