Young Adults and Youth Running Training

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Colt Running Club Pueblo City Running 

Colt running club is optional, however it is highly encouraged to improve your chances to make varsity in the Fall. Cross Country is a great way to earn a letter, community service hours, PE waiver, meet new friends, get in shape and get involved at South High School in a fun family environment. All high school athletes are encouraged to join in the practice training to include Home Schooled students. 
Practices are Tuesday Through Friday 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. The first practice for returning athletes will be Tuesday, June 25th in the park. The first practice for FRESHMEN will be July 2nd. We will meet at South HS that one day only. By the horseshoe. The rest of the summer we will be in City Park In the SW corner.  At the corner of Nuckolls and Zoo Ave, just past the dog park. 

Contact Information: Coach Zundel. Email: Phone: 549-7255 or 549-7264 


Cool Running’s Club in Pueblo West 

Cool Running’s Club is a great way to get in shape or increase your running performance. We train young Cross Country athletes during the summer time frame. The age group we start is from 10 years old up to the end of Eight Grade middle school. It does not matter what school the athlete attends; everyone is welcomed and yes that includes Home Schooled athletes as well. In addition, we encourage parents to come train with their young athlete. We start at 5:00 AM in the morning and meet at different location in Pueblo West please text or call for further information. There is no charge for this training.

Call or text Coach Marilyn Vargas at (719) 250-5840 or Coach David Rael at (719) 250-6718