SCR Equipment Rental Policy

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

  1. SCR no longer offers race management and timing for outside organizations due to lack of trained volunteers.  We recommend outside organizations look for a race management company in Denver or Colorado Springs.  Small races with 50 or fewer participants can be timed using existing phone apps with little trouble.  Organizers may view resources available under our “Resources” tab on how to organize and run a race.
  2. SCR equipment is only available for qualified SCR members to request on a case-by-case basis for community events.  Must be SCR member for at least 2 years, have working experience and knowledge of race management, running a finish line and trained on the club’s timing equipment.
  3. Requests should be made 90 days in advance by emailing with events details and requested equipment needed.
  4. The request will be discussed at the next regular SCR business meeting (1st Wed of each month at 6 pm) at which time the formal agreement can be completed and signed. SCR reserves the right to refuse any request.
  5. $200 deposit to cover electronic equipment is due 30 days prior – separate check from organization will be held until equipment is returned in working order. Rental fees are also due 30 days prior to event.
  6. Coordinate pick up and return of equipment with Equipment Manager, Dave Diaz.
  7. Costs to use SCR equipment:  Complete and sign contract
    • Basic finish line: big digital clock, hand held Seikos, cones, flagging $100 fee
    • Additional charge for time machine:  $50 for each machine plus finish line  $150-200 for one or two time machines
    • Finish line, timing and results by SCR volunteers   $300 plus $1 per entrant – the club no longer offers race management to outside organizations so this is on an extremely limited basis if club member volunteers step forward to help in all aspects needed for a specific event requested
    • $200 deposit for any electronic equipment (your organization is responsible for any equipment damaged or lost in your possession) – separate check is held until returned in working order